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The Can:Do Way


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At Can:Do we have a guiding philosophy that informs how we work with our clients every day. We call this the Can:Do Way. This philosophy is;

We will always view, listen to and support our clients based on their strengths, abilities and aspirations. We will empower our clients to make informed decisions and set goals which are achievable and meaningful, and will work in partnership with them to achieve these goals.

This means

  • We make it easy for clients to get the assistance they need
  • We are goal and outcome focussed
  • We make sure our clients have the right information to set achievable goals
  • We empower young clients to be involved in their own goal setting
  • We believe that each client is unique and we will recommend a range of strategies or therapies that are tailored to their goals

Along with the Can:Do Way, our Can:Do Attitude drives everything we do, and the combination of these makes us Can:Do People, in every sense of the word.

We are Caring

  • We care for our clients
  • We care for the community
  • We work as a team
  • We look out for each other
  • We have fun together
  • We support each other

We are Connected

  • We are stronger together
  • We are connected to outcomes for our families
  • We connect to the community
  • We have shared vision
  • We connect within the Group

We are Courageous

  • We challenge the norms
  • We take measured risks
  • We are creative
  • We speak out for ourselves and others
  • We are open and authentic

We are Conscientious

  • We work hard
  • We act with integrity
  • We are accountable
  • We achieve our goals
  • We are honest and truthful
  • We always look for opportunities to learn

The Can:Do Way underpins the way we work every day, and is based on the guiding principles of personalisation and family-centred practice.