Emergency Calls

Emergency calls through the NRS

The National Relay Service (NRS) is an Australia-wide service that connects people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment with phone users.

If you find yourself in an emergency which is either life threatening or where time is critical, you can contact fire services, police or ambulance through the relay service. The NRS uses specially trained contact centre staff called relay officers. They act as the central link between you and your required emergency service, relaying what is said by each party. Calls through the relay service can be made using a computer, tablet, mobile phone or teletypewriter (TTY).

Here is how to connect to emergency services through different NRS call channels:

  1. Internet Relay – ask for Triple Zero (000)
  2. Captioned Relay – ask for Triple Zero (000)
  3. SMS Relay – text 0423 677 767 and include 000 in your first message
  4. Ordinary phone – dial 1800 555 727 and ask for Triple Zero (000)
  5. TTY – dial 106

For step by step instructions on how to make emergency calls using different NRS call channels, see the instruction sheets on the NRS Emergency calls page in Accesshub.

Remember that connection issues can affect the reliability of all calls including calls through the NRS and calls to emergency services. You can also contact the NRS helpdesk at helpdesk@relayservice.com.au or 1800 555 660 to help you get started in using the NRS.